Foreign Training

To develop the Knowledge Skills & Attitudes of employees of Western provincial council and to share experience and knowledge with other countries, Personnel & Training Division organizes foreign training programs annually. Other than that, Personnel & Training division is very keen to coordinate foreign training opportunities which come through external sources such as, External Resource Department” NGO’s, Universities etc. Nearly 200 officers of Western provincial council participate in foreign training programs and over Rs. 30,000,000. Is allocated annually to cater these capacity development opportunities.

Latest Foreign Training Programs

151Epidemiological Intelligence & Management Programme From 01st to 19th October 2018 – MalaysiaDownload
1502018 Seminar on Promoting Maternal and Child Health for Developing Countries From 11th to 25th July 2018 – ChinaDownload
149Preventive Medicine Learn from Countermeasuresures of Non Communicable Disease(NCDs) in Remote Island Regions From 24th October to 18th November 2018 – JapanDownload
148Gender Equality and Woman Empowerment: Sharing Good Practics and Experiences of Thailand From 01st to 12th Octomber 2018 – ThailandDownload
147Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) Scholarships for International StudentsDownload
146Rural Transformation Programme From 02nd to 13th September 2018 – MalaysiaDownload
145Lifestyle – Related Diseases Prevention – From 14 October – 4 November 2018 – JapanDownload
144Road Maintenance(B) From 12th September – 20th October 2018 – JapanDownload
143NUFFIC Scholarship Scheme – Government of NetherlandsDownload
142Scholarship for Post Graduate Studies at the University of Malta Academic Year of 2018/2019Download
141Strengthening of Policy on Aging in Asia – Challenges of Aging Societies and Policy Responses From 04-17 November 2018 – JapanDownload
140Invitational Capacity – Building Program in Employment Policy for ASEAN Local Government Officials From 01st July to 14th July 2018 – KoreaDownload
139Master of Infrastructure Planning & Development From 01st August 2018 to 31st December 2019Download
1382018 seminar on Water Conservancy Projects & Socioeconomic Development for Developing
Countries From 08th May to 28th June 2018 – China
1372018 Seminar on Water Resources Management & Small Hydropower Development for the Countries under Belt & Road Initiative – from 15th May to 04th June 2018 – ChinaDownload
1362018 Training Courses & Seminars for Developing Countries – ChinaDownload
135International Certificate Course in Property Valuation From 09th July to 27th July 2018 – MalaysiaDownload
134Global IT Technology Program – 2018 Fall Semester – KoreaDownload
133Master’s Degree Program in Global Education Leadership – From 01st August 2018 – 20th December 2019, KoreaDownload