Foreign Scholarships

To develop the Knowledge Skills & Attitudes of employees of Western provincial council and to share experience and knowledge with other countries, Personnel & Training Division organizes foreign training programs annually. Other than that, Personnel & Training division is very keen to coordinate foreign training opportunities which come through external sources such as, External Resource Department” NGO’s, Universities etc. Nearly 200 officers of Western provincial council participate in foreign training programs and over Rs. 30,000,000. Is allocated annually to cater these capacity development opportunities.

Latest Foreign Training Programs

101Tropical Medicine, Community Health Care and Research – From 5th March to 01st April 2018, ThailandDownload
100Sexuality Transmitted Infections Case Management Skills – From 05th to 16th March 2018, ThailandDownload
99Towards Low Carbon Socity via Holistic Environmental Engineering Approch – From 12th to 23rd March 2018, ThailandDownload
98Public Administration & Governance – from 15th to 18th January 2018 – SingaporeDownload
97KOICA Global Fellowship Program for 2019Download
96Knowledge Co-Creation Program:Regional Economic and social vitalization through tourism development:Regional branding and marketing in Hokkaido From 28th January to 24th February 2017 – JapanDownload
95Water & Waste Water Management – from 3rd to 07th November 2017Download
94Strengthening Social Health Protection towardsDownload
93Bridge Maintenance From 25th February – 24th March 2018 – Japan Download
92Climate Change Adaptation Strategies From 11th to 15th December 2017 – SingaporeDownload
91MA in Policy Economics – Center for Development Economics at Williams College From August 2018 to June 2019Download
90KDI School Degree Programmes – Admissions for Spring 2018Download
895 Year Ph.D.Programs (G-Cube) – JapanDownload
88IMF Macroeconomic Policy Programme(GRIPS) From 2018-2019-JapanDownload
87One Year Master’s Programme of Public Policy(MP1) – From 2018-2019 – Japan
Two Year Master’s Programme of Public Policy(MP2) – From 2018-2020 – Japan
86Dr. Lee Jong – Wook Fellowship 2017 Invitation Plan: Training Course for High-Level Officials – For to WeeksDownload
85Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship Programs (JDS) Call for applications for the Academic Year 2018Download
84Lifestype-Related Diseases Prevention(B), From 12th November – 17th December,2017 -JapanDownload
83Intellectual & Development Disabilities in Community Activities From 08th January 2017 – 18th February 2017 – Japan From 18th February 2018 – 03rd March 2018 – CambodiaDownload
82Regional Training Programme on Solid Waste Management & Reduction of Marine Litter – From 09th to 13th October 2017 – SingaporeDownload
81Read Maintenance – From 15th November to 23rd December 2017 – JapanDownload
802017 Seminar on Application and Techniques of High-End Medical Equipments for Developing Countries – From 09th to 28th August 2017 – ChinaDownload
78Enhancement of Solid Waste Management Capacity(Advance, Planning & Policy)(B) From 23rd October to 18th November 2017 -JapanDownload
79Promotion of Social Participation of Persons with Disabilities through Sports – From 24th September – 25th October, 2017 – JapanDownload
77Sufficiency Economy – From Theory and Practices to Standardization – From 04th to 23rd December 2017, ThailandDownload
76Waste Magagement and Wastewater Treatment for Sustainability – From 9th to 28th November, ThailandDownload
75Best Available Technique (BAT) and Best Environmental Practice (BEP) under the Context of United National Industrial Development Organization(UNIDO)Download
74Biodiversity Conservation: Wetland Manangement From 25th to 26th September 2017- SingaporeDownload
73Sewerage and Urban Drinage Management From 24th September to 2nd December 2017 – JapanDownload
72Visiting Researcher Program – Bishop Williams Memorial Fund 2018/2020 – JapanDownload
71Hospital Management(C) From 30th October to 09th December 2017 – JapanDownload
7017-AG-11GE-SMN-A: Study Mission to a Nonmember Country on Enhancing Access for Agrifood Products: Munich and Cologne, German 9-14 October 2017Download
6917-AG-40-GE-CON-A:2nd International Conference on Biofertilizers and BiopesticidesDownload
68Maintenance Operation and Management of Irrigation Facilities – From 15th October – 09th December, 2017 – JapanDownload
67Cattle Management for Milk and Meat Production using Regional Resources – From 19th September to 18th November, 2017 -JapanDownload
66Diversified Farming Practices using Participatory Approach for Food Security and Safety From 24th September to 15th October 2017, ThailandDownload
65Operation Maintenance of Sewerage System From 20th August to 05th October 2017 – JapanDownload
64Rural Transformation Program From 10th to 21st September 2017- MalaysiaDownload
63Health Administration From July 2017 for a period of three months -KoreaDownload
62Read Maintenance – From 30th August – 07th October, 2017 – JapanDownload
61Local Industry Development in Agricultural Regions by Strengthening Capacity of Management and Marketing (A) – From 11th September – 14th October, 2017 – JapanDownload
60Good Animal Husbandry Practices(GAHP): Inspection & Certification services of DVS – From 31st July to 11th August 2017, MalaysiaDownload
59Hospital Management – From 21th August – 30th September, 2017 – Japan
58Epidemiological Intelligence & Management Programme – From 11th to 29th September
2017, Malaysia
57Introduction to Industrial Radiographic Testing Technology – From 24th to 30th July 2017, MalaysiaDownload
56JICA Young Leaders Training Program-Lifestyle Related Diseases Prevention From 25th June to 12th July 2017-JapanDownload
55Foreign Training Programs for Officials of All Island ServicesDownload
54Advancement of Solid Waste Management Technologies From 09th July to 09th September 2017 – JapanDownload
53Capacity Development Programme on National Territorial Policy Responding to Cimate Change From 06th July to 22nd July 2017 – KoreaDownload
51Master’s Degree Programme in Integrated Chemical & Environmental Technology From 17th August 2017 to 31st March 2019 in KoreaDownload
5216-AG-36-GE/SPP-OSM-B:Multicountry Observation Study Mission on Innovations in Food Value Chain Management 15-20 May 2017-Tokyo, JapanDownload
502017 Training Program on Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases for Developing Countries-From 12th April to 10th June 2017-ChinaDownload
492017 Training Program on Technology of Acupuncture and Tuina for Developing Countries From 12th April to 06th June 2017 -ChinaDownload
482017 Training Program on Technology of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the Key Cooperation Countries of Developing Countries – from 12th April to 10th July 2017 – ChinaDownload
47Smart Nation:Strategy to Implementation – From 12th to 16t June 2017 – SingaporeDownload
462017 Seminar for Entry – Exit Animal Quarantine Officials from Developing Countries From
07th to 27th April 2017 – China
452017 Seminar on Agricultural Products Processing & Export Developing countries From 06th to 26th April 2017 – ChinaDownload
44Post – harvest technology of fruits & vegitables crops for developing countries From 22nd May to 02nd June 2017 – ThailandDownload
43Rural Development through Creating Agricultural Value Chain – From 20th June to 26th
August 2017, Japan
422017 Seminar on Malaria Control for Developing Countries From 25th April to 15th May
2017 – China
412017 Seminar on Soybean Production & Processing Technology Industrial Capacity Building for Asian & African Countries From 14th April to 04th May 2017 – ChinaDownload
402017 Training Course on Agricultural Products Circulation Technology for Developing Countries From 28th April to 26th June 2017 – China
39The Thailand International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP) Document Set 3Download
38Seminar on Biogas Industry Promotion & Management for Developing Countries in 2017 –
From 07th to 27th April 2017
372017 Seminar on Cerebral Diseases Control & Prevention for Developing Countries – From
6th April to 5th May 2017
36Seminar on Soil & Fertilizer Comprehensive Management and Utilization for Developing
Countries – From 29th March to 27th April 2017
35Training Course on Empowering Woman through Family Planning and Economic Development Interventions – From 15th May to 19th May 2017 – IndonesiaDownload
34Quality Improvement of Health Service through KAIZEN Approach From 13th August to 09th
September 2017 – Japan
332017 Seminars in ChinaDownload
32The Thailand International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP) Academic Years 2017/2018 – Document Set 2Download
31The Thailand International Postgraduate Programme(TIPP) Academic Years 2017/2018 – Document Set 1Download
30Australian Awards Scholarships Intake for Academic Year 2018 – AustraliaDownload
292017 Seminar on China’s Experience in Reform & Opening – up for Developing Countries From 16th March to 05th April – ChinaDownload
2821st Century Teacher Education From 15th to 19th May 2017 – SingaporeDownload
27Master Course on Flood Disaster Risk Reduction From 01st October 2017 to 15th September 2018 – Japan
26Lifestyle-Related Diseases Prevention From 07th May to 11th June 2017-JapanDownload
25Green Energy for Low Carbon Society From 15th to 29th May 2017- ThailandDownload
24Strengthening Health System: The Key Contributing to achive Sustainable Development
Goals(SDGs) From 01st to 26th May 2017 – Thailand